Meet the Clerk

Ruth Wilson
- Ruth A. Wilson

Ruth A. Wilson was elected to serve as the Rockdale County Clerk of Courts in 2008. She serves as the Clerk of Superior and State Courts for the Rockdale Judicial Circuit as well as the Jury Clerk and Clerk to the Rockdale County Jury Commission. She is responsible for maintaining the County Master Jury List and administering the Jury Management Process. In addition, she provides oversight of the two County Boards of Equalization.

Since taking Office, Ruth has introduced several innovations to the Clerk's Office. She developed and launched the first website for the Office which then enabled the introduction of an array of online services for the public and legal community. The list of online capabilities continues to expand under her leadership. One of the most popular is the ability to pay traffic citations online. By using this service, residents can avoid having to take a day off work to come to court. Because the service is available around the clock, it provides great convenience to the public and improves public access to the courts.

Ruth also applied for and received a $50,000 grant for a Criminal Justice Process Improvement Study. This was a first for the Clerk's Office and involved the collaboration of the Superior, State and Magistrate Court Judges along with the District Attorney and Sheriff's Offices. The result was a much improved flow of information and a reduction in duplication of effort and unneeded procedures.

Ruth has also implemented software tools and procedures to improve accuracy and efficiency in day to day operations. As a result of implementing Financial Management software and improved checks and balances, the Clerk's Office received its first clean audit in many years. The Office is now considered a model of financial transparency.

Other innovations Ruth has introduced include Juror Appreciation Week and the Family Law Information Center. In response to the growing demand of the public to have a resource available when legal advice and information is needed, the FLIC was launched in May 2012. On Fridays each week, free 30 minute consultation appointments at the Courthouse are provided by volunteer attorneys. The response has been quite enthusiastic as citizens are able to get reliable legal guidance in a safe and secure setting. In many instances, clients learn that they do not need an attorney, just information on terminology and required court procedures. The result is that persons, who might otherwise have been ill at ease, are now better informed, confident and prepared. The public has better access to the Courts and the Clerk's staff time is freed up to handle other public demands.

Ruth takes great pride in the fine group of employees in the Clerk's Office who look to her for strategic vision and the ability to overcome obstacles through communication and employee empowerment. Her staff regularly receives commendations from the public on the efficient and cheerful service provided at all levels of the organization.

Ruth is a 2012 graduate of Leadership Rockdale and an active member of the Rotary Club of Conyers. Prior to seeking and winning the Rockdale County Clerk of Courts position, Ruth was the Director of Marketing at AT&T where she produced highly profitable software based telecommunication services. In addition, Ruth was elected to local and regional office in Jack and Jill of America, a national nonprofit that focuses on children, families and community service. Ruth served as Regional Director and Regional Associate Chair from 1997 - 2005.

Ruth is the mother of three adult children, all college graduates. She and her husband William are proud to call Rockdale home. Ruth earned her BA in English at Southern Illinois University and her MBA in Finance at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

The Clerk of the Courts is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Office pursuant to the provisions of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated. The overarching duty of the Clerk is the care, custody, control and maintenance of the official records of the trial courts. The clerk exercises authority over the policy, management, administration and function of the Office in the interests of judicial efficiency and justice of the Rockdale Judicial Circuit. The Clerk also develops accounting, indexing and case management systems designed to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all reports required by the Uniform Superior Court Rules. It is also the responsibility of the Clerk to ensure appropriate changes are made to comply with new State and Federal legislation and regulations. Some key functions of the Office are described below:

  • Filing, recording and indexing all documents related to real estate within Rockdale County, including deeds, plats and liens.
  • Filing and processing for service of all divorce cases, adoptions, name changes, child support, change of custody and contempts.
  • Filing and processing for service all civil cases relating to suit on account, torts, condemnations, and appeals from Magistrate and Probate Court, writs of possession, insurance, etc.
  • Filing records and indexes all judgments, tax liens and fifa's.
  • Filing and processing warrants, indictments, accusations and sentences on all felony and misdemeanor cases.
  • Processing sentencing packages for Department of Corrections for transfer of prisoners into the state system and reporting all sentencing to GCIC, a division of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.
  • Filing and processing all Uniform Commercial Code (UCC's), liens on personal property for public notice.
  • Preparing records of all appeal cases in the Civil, Domestic and Criminal Divisions for the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Georgia.
  • Recording military discharge records.
  • Serving as Jury Clerk to the Rockdale County Jury Commission.
  • Processing all Temporary Protective Orders to GCIC.
  • Maintaining a central database of notaries public.
  • Processing traffic citations.
  • Oversight of the Boards of Equalization.

As an extra service to the public, the Clerk of Courts office accepts and processes applications for Passports as an Acceptance Agent of the U.S. Department of State.

Role of Clerk