Clerks of Courts Phone Directory

Ruth A. Wilson Clerk of Courts 770-278-7900
James F. Cabe Chief Deputy Clerk 770-278-7863
Hilary Maloy Court Office Manager 770-278-7907
Yaylin Zamora-Galvez BOE/Asst. Court Office Manager 770-278-7924
Orlando Tucker Senior Court Technology Specialist 770-278-7901
Fax   770-278-7921
Terri Burnett Senior Accountant 770-278-7917
Shelly Hunter Assistant Court Accountant 770-278-7915
Board Of Equalization   770-278-7925
Superior Court Criminal
Ginger Gray Administrative Manager 770-278-7876
Pam Pittman Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7912
Kim Hall Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7916
Amy Coleman Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7904
Tina Cole-Lewis Deputy Clerk I 770-278-7906
M'Leea Bell Deputy Clerk I 770-278-7922
State Court Criminal
Ginger Gray Administrative Manager 770-278-7876
B'Trina Washington Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7871
Cynthia Johnson Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7874
Shelia Dodd Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7870
Kim Gillespie Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7873
Niquette Linton Deputy Clerk I 770-278-7875
Debbie Wells Deputy Clerk I 770-278-7872
Superior and State Civil
Hilary Maloy Deputy Clerk III-Interim Civil Manager 770-278-7907
Teresa Smith Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7878
Jamila Decuir Deputy Clerk I 770-278-7905
Shadawna Pacley Deputy Clerk I 770-278-7877
Adrienne Brown Deputy Clerk I 770-278-7823
Jury and Passports
Angie Inge Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7860
Cheryl Crum Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7918
Jury Main Line   770-278-7902
Real Estate
Amanda Hunter Deputy Clerk III-Real Estate Manager 770-278-7864
Tashiana Melvin Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7866
Kay Stewart Deputy Clerk II 770-278-7861
Jean Napolitano Deputy Clerk I 770-278-7867
Chris Rackley Deputy Clerk I 770-278-7862
Fax   770-278-7869